Western Power is a Zambian company developing the Ngonye Falls run-of-river hydroelectric power project on the Zambezi River in the Western Province of Zambia.

When it is completed by 2026, the 600 million US dollar Ngonye Falls project will have 180 MW of electricity generation capacity – adding around 8% to Zambia’s total – and produce 830 GWh per year of cost effective, clean, renewable energy for local demand and export. Enough electricity for 200,000 Zambian households or the entire population of the Western Province.The project will have a very low environmental impact and has been designed to be a net positive impact for the local host community.

The project is being developed as a partnership between the private sector, the Government of Zambia and the community of the Western Province and will be built and operated to the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility by a team of Zambian and international specialists.